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Welcome to Warpigs MC UAE.

Good day and welcome to our website.


WARPIGS MC UAE, was formed in the late 2008, where a group of friendly brothers met and agreed to take the honorship to open a division / chapter in UAE after discussing this with the local clubs.

Who are we:

We Are Real People In Group Standards and driven as a family oriented motorcycle club, who believe in the family circle concept.

Code of conduct:

Respect, Love, Trust!

The Passion that drives us:

Riding is our passion and fun is always in the air between the brothers. It's not just an MC, its a family club where the individual can kick back, be themself and enjoy the passion of riding, with the brothers and sisters in life without being judged.

Seeking that adventure thrill ride to as many places as the road may take us.

Getting together and inspire each other with custom designs for our bikes that reflects our personality.

The MC:

The club to us is more then just the "word" itself, for no words could even describe what it means to us, even if it's looked up in a dictionary you wouldn't be able find the meaning.

The Bond:

We are a "Brother Keepers" and we are for each other & live by respect, trust and love towards the brotherhood. We believe in the bond that can never be broken. (All for one, & one for all)

Loyalty is practice we follow, were we focus on building a strong relationship which includes trust, respect and love towards each other no matter what the differences are.

The commitment:

To support each other through the good times and bad times, by helping & supporting each other in life without judgment.

Stucture Change:

In mid 2014, a change within the club took place, for the better intrest of the club.

Mission Statement:

To support as much activities within our region that can make a possitive change.

Especially raising awareness campaigns and also helping charity run events etc....).

Closing Statement:

Ride safe and stay simple, it's all about the Ride nothing more and nothing less.

Respect All & Support None - "WFFW"

L&R - President of WARPIGS MC UAE